Posted on May 23rd, 2018 by shannon
I think its finally safe to say that the worst is behind us in terms of the high Spring winds. We have been experiencing more summer like weather the last couple of weeks and have already been noticing some changes in the offshore weather and fishing patterns. 
Leaving out of the Port Aransas jetty, bait has been thick from the end of the jetties to the rigs in 70-80 ft of water. If you are looking for Kingfish or Jack Crevalle, this is where you want to be. Drifting ribbon fish or trolling with deep diving hard baits has been the ticket. The water has been a mixture of clear green to cloudy green depending on the current and the day. The clear is what we’re looking for. In the same depths we have had some great days of catching Kingfish and Ling around the ships in the anchorage. 
Going a little further offshore to the Rocks and rigs in 200+ ft the water remains clear and green. Temperatures have been in the mid 70’s with some scattered sargassum weed. The Amberjack bite has been great this May with fish averaging 40-50 lbs and some days 60-70 lbs. Big bait is the key to the big boys. We typically like using live Blue Runners and fresh Bonitas. We have caught a handful of Kingfish in the same areas but they seem to be hanging closer to shore at the moment. 
At roughly 60 miles out the bluewater meets the green and the pelagic action has been great. Reports of multiple Wahoo and Dorado have been coming in as well as an occasional billfish. 
Summer fishing season is arriving and it should be very productive. With Red Snapper season opening June 1st we’ll have 1 more species to target and help us fill the fish box!