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What a great year we had, especially for a few of our anglers who set new state and world records!!!

Reece Rockett:  IGFA Junior World Record Greater Amberjack and two World Records for Red Snapper (pending)

Mitchell Moczygemba:  Horse-eye Jack – Junior State Water Body Record and Junior Official State Record

Garrison Moczygemba:  Cubera Snapper – State Water Body Record, Junior State Water Body Record and the Junior Official State Record

Congratulations again on your significant accomplishments!

Merry Christmas!

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Summertime In Port Aransas – Fishing Report

Posted on August 16th, 2018 by shannon

Most anglers know that current, water temperature, light level and moon phase can affect the bite, but there’s another factor that often goes overlooked. Although barometric pressure can’t be predicted as easily as the other factors, it has a major influence on how the fish behave. And so it was with tropical storm Cindy.  It’s rare when we go to one of our hot spots and have trouble getting Red Snapper in the boat, but T.S. Cindy definitely affected the snapper bite for several days after it passed through.  Fortunately for the fish – and fishermen – low pressure doesn’t usually last long. We still caught limits, but we had to work for them. Rough sea conditions also made it difficult to reach blue water until last week.

Kingfish are out there in numbers. We’re finding them anywhere from the jetties to the rocks offshore. Once you locate them, limits are easily caught. We’re still catching big kings trolling artificials, ribbon fish and blue runners. 

Ling (Cobia) swing in close to shore during the summer months. May through September we have good numbers of Ling. We’re catching most of them around any type of structure from the rocks offshore to floating debris and anchored ships. The past two weeks, we haven’t seen big numbers of Ling, but were able to bring in some solid fish up to 60 lbs.

In the world of offshore fishing, trolling ranks as one of the most preparation intensive methods anglers can tackle. From choosing components such as lures, leader and hooks, to rigging ballyhoo and catching live bait, we drill down to the essential details that offer the greatest opportunity for success that day. Wahoo, sailfish, dorado, marlin and tuna are all species we troll for.

Wahoo are still around if you’re willing to put the time in trolling long rips. You have to cover a lot of ground to find those fish and it’s really a game of patience. If you can put your efforts on some key areas and be patient, they are out there. 
Sailfish are also known to follow the same patterns. You never know when one will show up but when they do they put on an amazing fight with their jumps and runs.
It seems the Dorado (Mahi) bite is finally coming back in decent numbers and sizes. Find the rips or floating debris and more than likely you’ll find the fish. The birds overhead are a great way to help find these patches.

Scattered Blackfin Tuna made their appearance last week. We haven’t seen a lot yet, but the ones we have caught are a good sign of things to come with shrimping season opening July 15th.  During shrimping season, jumbo Blackfin are likely to be found schooling behind any working shrimp boats which provide easy feeding for them.  Sometimes shrimpers can be as close in as 15 miles, or as far out as 50 miles or more, but if you can get on a school it’s a blast hauling in those Blackfin and occasional Yellowfin.

Finally, last weekend, the Port Aransas Boatmen Association hosted the 82nd Annual Deep Sea Roundup.  7 Blue Marlin, 5 White Marlin and 45 Sailfish were caught and released along with nice catches of Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna in the offshore division. The turnout was great along with the fishing! Summer has arrived with great offshore fishing conditions  and this is prime time to catch a trophy and fill your freezer!

You never know what that next bite is going to be!

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Offshore fishing in Port Aransas offers some of the most exciting moments you can imagine. From Red Snapper to Blue Marlin, our waters have something for everyone and the summer months offer the widest variety of species to target. 

The last week of May and 1st week of June this year have been as good as any I can remember and it looks like we should have a great summer ahead of us!  The water temperature has been increasing into low to mid eighties. Sargassum weedlines and rips are forming, bait is plentiful and the fish have been aggressive. 

Leaving out from the Port Aransas jetty, we have been picking up Kingfish and Ling at the inshore rigs in 50-75 feet by drifting ribbonfish and trolling hard plastics.  Red Snapper season opened June 1st and to no one’s surprise they are plentiful. I prefer using live pin perch or big chunks of cut Bonita as a way to avoid the smaller fish. The smaller fish will eat just about any dead bait or jig you drop down if you don’t mind weeding through them.

Further offshore at the rocks and rigs, in 200-300 feet, we have been picking up Wahoo and/or Dorado on a regular basis. The Wahoo have been smaller than what we were seeing in the Spring but we’ll take it. The Dorado have been ranging from 3 lb “chickens” to 40 lb Bulls. When the bite is slow on the troll we have had luck switching back to drifting ribbonfish for kings and catching all we want. Sharks have also been so thick offshore that it can be difficult to get a bait to anything else at times. If sharks are what you’re after then you should have no problems. They will probably find you first! The Spring Amberjack season is now closed as of May 31, but is scheduled to reopen August 1 and will run through October. 

If the first couple of weeks of summer is a sign of things to come, we will be in for a great summer of offshore action… You never know what that next bite is going to be!


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Kevin and Heather brought their sons on a last minute charter and ended up having a trip of a lifetime with 7 species and 2 State Records broken!! Mitchell with a 18lb 12oz Horse Eye Jack and Garrison with an 88lb 1oz Cubera Snapper…both Jr. State Records. Plus a Wahoo, Ling, Amberjack, Barracuda and a handful of Kingfish! The fishing Gods were smiling on these young men today!

You never know what you’re gonna catch offshore! Book your Family or Company Fishing trip aboard “Badfish” and find out! 



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I think its finally safe to say that the worst is behind us in terms of the high Spring winds. We have been experiencing more summer like weather the last couple of weeks and have already been noticing some changes in the offshore weather and fishing patterns. 
Leaving out of the Port Aransas jetty, bait has been thick from the end of the jetties to the rigs in 70-80 ft of water. If you are looking for Kingfish or Jack Crevalle, this is where you want to be. Drifting ribbon fish or trolling with deep diving hard baits has been the ticket. The water has been a mixture of clear green to cloudy green depending on the current and the day. The clear is what we’re looking for. In the same depths we have had some great days of catching Kingfish and Ling around the ships in the anchorage. 
Going a little further offshore to the Rocks and rigs in 200+ ft the water remains clear and green. Temperatures have been in the mid 70’s with some scattered sargassum weed. The Amberjack bite has been great this May with fish averaging 40-50 lbs and some days 60-70 lbs. Big bait is the key to the big boys. We typically like using live Blue Runners and fresh Bonitas. We have caught a handful of Kingfish in the same areas but they seem to be hanging closer to shore at the moment. 
At roughly 60 miles out the bluewater meets the green and the pelagic action has been great. Reports of multiple Wahoo and Dorado have been coming in as well as an occasional billfish. 
Summer fishing season is arriving and it should be very productive. With Red Snapper season opening June 1st we’ll have 1 more species to target and help us fill the fish box!


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We have some exciting news this morning **AMBERJACK SEASON WILL BE OPEN MAY 1 – 31 and AGAIN in AUGUST 1 – OCTOBER 31**

If you are not familiar with Amberjack, these are HARD Fighting and GREAT Eating fish and they are a lot of fun to catch! Get in on the action and check out some of our previous AJ catches!



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Badfish Sportfishing is in favor of TPWD managing the 2018-2019 Red Snapper seasons for both recreational and charter for hire anglers in “Federal” waters in the Gulf of Mexico. This 2 year pilot program is our chance to prove we can take care our own fisheries and fishermen! Take a minute and let them know what you think… thanks!

Red Snapper Proposal

Spring Fishing is Heating Up – Wahoo, Kingfish, Dorado & Ling

Posted on March 4th, 2018 by shannon

Since January we’ve only run a handful of trips due to the cold and windy weather but they have all produced quality fish. We were given an unexpected (but short ) window of opportuity with Amberjack season in January and caught fish between 50 and 90 lbs. Hopefully we will see a late summer season for Amberjack, but it is usually announced on short notice and hard to plan. If it does reopen we are ready. 

One of my favorite species to fish for is the Wahoo. When a Wahoo hits your bait in the spread it is usually not hard to tell. They will peel about half the line off your spool without slowing down … and that’s just their first run! Not only are they one of the fastest and best fighting fish in the Gulf, but the firm, mild, white flesh of a Wahoo also makes a great meal. In late winter in early spring when the water temp is in the low 70’s the Wahoo bites turns on. We will troll deep diving plugs, ballyhoo or live blue runners and small bonita if we can find  them. We even found a small blackfin tuna in the belly of the one this year.  January brought us Wahoo while trolling and amberjack on live bait. February brought us more Wahoo up to 60 lbs on the troll.

Kingfish are a backup plan if the Wahoo bite is slow. If we have another year like last year we can expect the Wahoo bite to continue through early summer. Shrimp boats out of Port Aransas have started making their way back offshore. Once the shrimpers make a regular appearance we will have the opportunity to catch blacktip sharks behind the boats.

Ling(Cobia) and Dorodo should start to show up with the warmer spring waters as well. Spring winds can make it tough but if we can catch a calm day the fishing will be great!  See you on the water!

Look who might have a new WORLD RECORD!!

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Reece Rockett’s Amberjack has been submitted to the IGFA for the new Female Junior World Record! Congratulations Reece!!

Rockett’s Greater Amberjack

“On January 13th angler Reece Rockett – age 15 – caught this massive 39.26 kg (86 lb 9 oz) greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) while fishing aboard the Badfish out of Port Aransas, Texas, USA. Rockett was fishing with live bait and needed just over 30 minutes to subdue the hard-fighting AJ on the heavy tackle outfit she was using. If approved, the catch will replace the existing Female Junior world record of 24.08 kg (53 lb 1 oz)”
IGFA Newsletter
Hot Catches – January 25, 2018